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Admira Concerto Solid Top Classical Guitar

Admira Concerto Solid Top Classical Guitar

Price: 299.00 (371.39)

Product Description

The Concerto Admira Classical full size classical guitar has a solid cedar top and rosewood back and sides . The size neck is made from African mahogany with a mongoy fingerboard. It has nickel lyre tuners and is finished in satin natural. This combination of woods creates a warm sound with lots of projection. There is no competition for these guitars. Less expensive instruments are available but not an instrument that posseses a quality sound like these. Admira classical guitars are made in Spain. The company was founded in Northern Spain in 1944 and has grown to be to be a highly respected maker and the best selling classical guitar brand in the world. The classical guitar that is actually made in Spain has that certain unmistakeable quality of sound. These guitars have become the number one choice of guitar teachers.



Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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