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Fun Fur 2" Wide Guitar Strap

Fun Fur 2" Wide Guitar Strap

SKU: Fun Fur
Colour & Design
Price: 12.25 (17.28)

Product Description

2" width straps made in a great variety of designs from fun fur

All of these "Fun Fur" babies are extra long in a 2" width made from make believe fur with a web backing. Available in a multitude of designs and colours.


Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

  • Author: Elda
    Hi LisaVery happy to read about yourself. Reading the acoctnus of other people my story is entirly different. In the first sense you my feel like i am usless and not fit for this instument or music. i dont bother. i accept my defeat and the fate. intrest in guitar started at the age of 15. with my school fee i diverted some mony and i bought an old guitar with out the knowledge of my parents.(i am sorry for that). but with out somebody's guidence it was impossible to learn guitar. Turning, strumming, freting the notes, playing the cords.. all were a hidden thing for me. i knocked many doors. but everyone need money. my family was poor that time. it was in 1970. No internet. no telephone, no television. I hope now you understnad how the surroundings blocked me in raising this talant. but i kept it as a dream. When ever i listen the songs i capture soon the sound of guitar and enjoy the music. in 1975 i came in kuwait. started working withlow wages. 1976 i bought a guitar. but the situation is same as in 1970. No money to spent, 1983 got married. 1990 father of 2 chirldren mean time i thought better to teach the children the music than i spend for myself .. because i love them .. i was happy when i see my younger daughter play organ and piano. now she is playing keyboard for a christian fellowship and praising lord. in her engineering college she was one of the stars. Formed her own music troops and staged many occations. i am happy now.In 2008 in the age of 53 i approched a guitar instructor.. and revealed my self.. now my responsibilities have got over.. i am able to pay fee for the guitar class.. the first opinion from him was .. it is not so easy for you at this age. but try.. fast movement of your fingers may be difficult for you. but try.. ! now for 2 years i go for classes. weekly one hour class. monthly 4 classess. Now i am playing almost all cords. playing pices of musics . i am so eager to see when people play Different way of strumming guitar. So i went to youtube and checked. that s the way i met you . Thanks a lot for responding the mail. with regards Sunu
  • Author: qhcgcmn
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  • Author: ggnica
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  • Author: qujfijr
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