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Orange Micro Crush 3 watt Guitar Combo, Battery powered

Orange Micro Crush 3 watt Guitar Combo, Battery powered

Price: £38.00 (53.61)

Product Description

Orange Micro Crush 3 watt Guitar Combo.. What only 5""!. Dont be fooled this was designed to be a usefull amp not a toy. The first thing is it just looks great. An Orange combo in miniature even including genuine Orange grille cloth and a miniature Orange Crest. Features are Clean / Overdrive channel a 4"" Orange designed speaker, Volume & tone controls,Integrated guitar tuner,Headphone output, Metal chassis with a wood case and 9 volt powered.. Plays clean or dirty with panache. "

The Orange Micro Crush is a battery powered amplifier with built in guitar tuner.

When Orange’s engineers began discussing the idea of designing an inexpensive battery powered mini amplifier, they already knew one thing… This amplifier was not going to be a novelty item, but rather it would be a fully functional amplifier with features that any guitarist would find beneficial. With this concept in mind, the award winning Orange Micro Crush was developed.

Standing at just 5” tall, the Micro Crush’s highly portable design belies the remarkably full bodied tones available from its 4” speaker. The amplifiers Tone and Volume controls allow you to dial in a number of different guitar sounds, and Over Drive distortion is available at the push of a button. One of the most useful features is the inclusion of a fully functional chromatic tuner. Any guitarist that has spent more than five minutes hunting around their practice space for a tuner will know that this feature will see almost as much use as the amplifier itself! The Micro Crush is designed to run on a standard 9 volt battery, making it a perfect traveling companion no matter where your guitar playing may take you.

Designed to mimic its bigger brothers, the Orange Micro Crush incorporates all of the style you would expect to see in an Orange amplifier. Genuine Orange grill cloth and a miniature Orange crest finish this amplifier exquisitely.

Product Details:

•Clean / Overdrive channel
•4"" Orange designed speaker
•Volume & tone controls
•Integrated guitar tuner
•Headphone output
•Metal chassis / wood case
•9 volt powered


Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

  • Author: Andy Ross
    Brilliant little practice/travel amp. Highly recommended!

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