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Roto Sound CL3 Superia Classical Strings

SKU: CL3 Superia Pro
Price: £9.19 (11.41)

Product Description

Roto Sound CL3 Superia Classical Strings

Grade 1 ‘Superia Pro’ classical guitar strings are manufactured to a high tension characteristic specifically designed for fingerstyle playing. The wound strings are Silver Plated Copper on a Nylon Core and the plain strings are high quality rectified Nylon.

CL 3 Superia Pro (Grade 1 Professional)
NRH 1, 2, 3 High quallity rectified nylon
NRH 4, 5, 6 Silver plated copper/nylon


Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

  • Author: Felixe
    I didn't like the review He talks a lot. A perosn who are interest to afford that guitar wants to see how does it sound, and he's aaaalways talking. A review is about what kind of guitar is, of course, but a review is also a demonstration of it's sound. Anyway, too much talkin' dude
  • Author: rqphcq
    wr3ZXo wiemapcqchum

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