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Roto Sound CL4 Black & Silver

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Product Description

Roto Sound CL4 Black & Silver

Grade 1 Black n Silver classical guitar strings are manufactured to a high tension characteristic specifically designed for fingerstyle playing. The wound strings are Silver Plated Copper on a Nylon Core and the plain strings are high quality rectified Black Nylon.
CL 4 Black n Silver
(Grade 1 Professional)
BS 1, 2, 3 High quallity rectified black nylon
BS 4, 5, 6 Silver plated copper/nylon core


Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

  • Author: Keyna
    Hi,I took guitar about 16 mothns a go, what an experience, so far it has been fun and rewarding, however I’m at a stage where I’m asking my self a very important question. Before taking guitar I always played air guitar fretting with my right hand which is my strong hand, whit out knowing or anybody telling me otherwise I taught it was natural for me to play fretting with mi right hand, I’m at a point where I notice my strumming is weak and doesn’t get any better because the left hand is my weak hand, so it seem I’m at a cross road, do I switch to have my strong hand strum and get my left hand used to fret or I keep strumming with my left hand and fretting with the right?Will my left hand ever be more agile, maybe with practice? Which I do every day for a min of 1 hour, or change now since it’s not been that long since I took guitar?.Thanks for your timeJ.J
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  • Author: wbnxwuavoe
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